Audit, Reviews & Objections

the CRA isn’t always right !

Regardless of how carefully your tax return is prepared audits & reviews are quite commonly requested by the Canada Revenue Agency. You have 30 days to provide the documents to the CRA to substantiate your claim. you may respond to these requests on your own or we can handle the CRA request on your behalf at our regular hourly rate.

We can assist in filing an objection if you think the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) misinterpreted the facts of your tax situation or applied the tax law incorrectly. It gives you an opportunity to have your say about your notice of tax assessment, reassessment, determination or redetermination.

When you file an objection, the CRA reviews all the information you provided before making a final decision about your case.


Specializing in Reviews, Audits, Objections, & unfiled tax returns.

Unfiled tax returns can result in frozen accounts, benefits being cancelled, arbitrary assessments … If you disagree with the Canada Revenue Agency we are here to help.

If you have received a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency requesting more information or if they have requested a review or an audit we will work with the CRA on your behalf.

Unclaimed deductions can result in thousands of dollars of unnecessary tax.
Ask about our 10 year review.



Audits, Reviews & Objection Support

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